Comscore Social Brand Survey Lift

Tiffany Terilli
Tiffany Terilli
Senior Client Insights Analyst
Comscore Social Brand Lift studies showcase a publisher’s value by proving a 96% boost in partner brand interest as a direct result of the campaign.​

Comscore’s Social Brand Lift Studies proved significant lifts in each key performance indicator measured. Are you ready to learn what Comscore’s Ad Effectiveness solutions can do for you?

The Scenario

The client wanted to measure the impact of their branded campaign to prove the success of the partnership in driving a full-funnel engagement with the target audience across across the social universe. This ultimately led to additional campaigns with the advertiser, as a result of the impact shown from the social brandlift study.

The Solution

Comscore leveraged our Ad Effectiveness solutions to run a survey with engaged and non-engaged audiences and analyze results for awareness, favorability, consideration, purchase intent, ad recall and other brand KPIs to understand the performance of the campaign.

Number 1

Study Prepwork

Publisher identifies campaign to include Ad Effex study on and identifies which Ad Effex study to include:

  • Brand Lift
  • Campaign Performance Index
  • Behavior Lift
  • Sentiment
  • And more!

Number 2

Study Kickoff

Publisher provides Comscore with the campaign details and/or survey draft needed to build the study. Based on the Ad Effex chosen, measurement will either take place after the campaign commences or survey will begin recruiting on campaign start date.

Number 3

Campaign Measured

Campaign performance will be measured based on content engagement or survey responses.

The Results

Comscore was able to showcase the publisher's social campaign impact on driving strong lifts in key funnel metrics, such as favorability, purchase intent, and brand interest. As a result, the publisher was able to win additional social sponsorships, leveraging this campaign as a case study and in collateral.