- 11 de junio, 2024

Expanding Fast

Growing Reach on Free Ad Supported Streaming Channels with Roku

Brian Pugh
Brian Pugh
Chief Information Officer

In today’s ad ecosystem, it’s important for each ad to be as efficient and effective as possible. One avenue that advertisers and agencies are expanding into is Free Ad Supported Streaming channels, with the goal of finding incremental, untapped audiences to make each dollar more efficient for their campaigns.

Today, Comscore has expanded its existing coverage of Roku by including The Roku Channel in Comscore’s planning tool, Connected TV Intelligence (CTVi).

Comscore's CTVi shows that Roku is the #1 TV Operating System by time spent in the US, with twice the usage of the next largest TV Operating System.   

These Roku households have access to The Roku Channel, a Free Ad Supported Streaming channel, through the Roku Channel app on their Roku Home screen.

And according to Comscore's CTVi, The Roku Channel reaches the largest percentage of households compared to other well-known Ad Supported channels.

The Roku Channel reaches at least 1 out of every 4 Streaming TV households, which amounts to more than half the total Streaming TV households using Free Ad Supported Channels in the U.S. (41.5 million) in February 2024.

Among other Free Ad Supported streaming channel providers, The Roku Channel has the largest share of total CTV hours watched.

This enhancement within CTVi to measure The Roku Channel extends Comscore’s streaming channel reporting to dozens of apps and means Comscore clients can understand consumption of both the Roku platform along with Roku’s free ad supported Streaming Channel, The Roku Channel.

For more information on how to track Roku in Comscore’s planning tools, please contact your Comscore sales rep here.

  • "As streaming measurement evolves, Comscore's market leading cross platform measurement is helping ensure our advertisers unlock the full value of their investments on Roku and reach all audiences with precision."

Anna Miller
Head of Roku Ad Measurement

Along with The Roku Channel’s inclusion in CTVi, Comscore’s Campaign Ratings (CCR) measurement is comprehensive across TV streaming ad campaigns on the Roku platform and is an approved measurement vendor in Roku’s Measurement Partner Program.

To learn how to quantify Roku’s streaming audience, get in touch with me via this link.