For requests related to participation in a panel or survey, marketing information, information related to a business interaction or relationship with Comscore, human resources information (other than job applicant data), or any other personal information, please complete the form below. We may request additional information to verify your identity once we have reviewed the request.

If you believe you have any Comscore panel software installed on your computer (under the brands RelevantKnowledge, PremierOpinion, OpinionSquare or PermissionResearch), you must complete this form from a computer on which the software is installed so that we can read and retrieve the machine ID associated with your account. The machine ID will be used for the purpose of retrieving data related to that account from our systems. If you do not wish to provide your machine ID, Comscore may be unable to process your request. If you have any questions, please contact

Comscore will use the data you provide in this form for the purpose of processing your request. Additionally, certain information about your request will be retained for at least 24 months as a record of the response.

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1. If you are a participant in the MobileXpression panel.
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