- 23 mai 2024
David Kovach
David Kovach
Head of Market Innovation

As agencies, advertisers, political strategists, campaign managers and leaders across party lines focus more of their attention on this upcoming November’s Presidential Election, Comscore’s suite of solutions for the Political sector is attracting increasing attention.

Congressional District CTV Index

Comscore’s Congressional District CTV Index garnered recent press coverage for showing that some rural communities in the U.S. have CTV viewership that indexes higher than more urban regions.

As Comscore’s David Algranti shared in a recent Digiday article, “any campaign allocating their media spend and content placement without considering these over indexing rural areas is likely to get their allocations wrong.”

Streetfight magazine also covered some of the top takeaways from this Index, including some new data points which offer crucial insights for anyone wanting to get their messaging to the right eyes, and their media allocation most efficiently tuned.

Take three examples, the NY 21st CD, California 22nd CD, and Alaska’s lone Congressional District, each of which covers a large geographic area, with much of that land-area being sparsely populated, and in the case of CA’s 22nd CD there is a competitive congressional election in the 2024 cycle. Each of these Congressional Districts exhibit CTV over-indexing insights:

Congressional District CTV Consumption Index

Broadband in Rural Communities

Advertisers will want to consider the findings of new research on Broadband access in rural communities when planning their media buys to optimize their allocation of spend to reach viewers.

A new report from Comscore and its partners at the American Communities Project titled “Across American Communities, Very Different Broadband Realities Abound” was released last week showing some urban communities have median speeds three and four times faster than rural locales. Nevertheless, the Congressional District CTV Index establishes that many in these rural locales are viewing on CTV regardless of these Broadband limitations. These counterintuitive findings suggest both the need for more research, and the danger of relying on common assumptions, rather than the factual data.

Mobilization and Engagement using Social

The Denver Democrats have announced their empirical success leveraging Comscore's solutions to mobilize and engage their grass roots base and better understand the issues that matter most to voters in order to communicate in the most efficient way possible.

This announcement from the Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD), cites Comscore Social as a key tool in its strategy and efforts at improving and proving uplift in total social engagement across platforms.

In the nine months from August 2023 through March 2024, DPOD recorded a 35% increase in total engagements and a 167% increase in comments and replies across Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) versus the same period a year ago.

Comscore's social insights can enhance voter education and engagement in real time.

As we head into the summer period, social media usage shifts across platforms particularly amongst younger voters. A social plan set in April, may no longer drive the same results in August with Gen Z or older cohorts. Get in touch with our team here at this link to find out how Comscore reporting, including Social, can support your campaign to be more impactful and effective.

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