Comscore is the trusted source for local media measurement

Comscore's local media measurement tools provide a stable, consistent measurement currency across local TV and digital - allowing you to effectively plan and buy advertising that reaches your target audience.​

Complete Local Market Coverage

Gain valuable insight into the specific geographies you care most about with measurement coverage in all local markets to help you understand how your key audience is consuming media.

Expanding the Comscore footprint


Comscore's TV measurement footprint is comprised of more than 35M U.S. households across all local markets, making our TV viewership data stable and consistent, and most importantly, reliable.

Empowering clients

Advanced Audiences

Comscore Advanced Audiences™ allow you to go beyond age/gender to find and reach high-value audiences based on behaviors, interests and lifestyles.

Local Television Solutions

Comscore Local Television solutions provide television measurement that accurately represents local audiences’ unique viewing behaviors.

Powered by Comscore Advanced Audiences, our local television solutions combine real-world TV viewership information with valuable, advanced household-level consumer and demographic behavior data, allowing buyers and sellers to access the metrics that matter and transact with confidence.

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Local Digital Media Intelligence

Local Digital Media

Comscore local digital media intelligence provides an unduplicated view of digital audience lifestyles, interests, attitudes, demographics and behaviors using definitions that match syndicated local TV market definitions.

Enhance your local media planning strategy with local digital consumer behavior measurement to drive stronger cross-platform media plans. Local digital intelligence provides insights into your local target audience size, demographic composition and engagement, cross-visiting, as well as Advanced Audience behaviors, lifestyles, and digital interests.

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Advantage Marketing "Comscore has allowed us to step up our game and provide clients with a different outlook rather than just reach and frequency"

Knorr Marketing "The beautiful thing about Comscore is the ratings are far more consistent – that’s one of the main things that we love and what we speak to all of our clients."
Katie Knorr
Broadcast Research Specialist
Knorr Marketing