Les partenaires de Comscore sont des leaders de l'industrie, gage d’innovation et d’excellence. Ils apportent un appui à nos solutions de mesure et de reporting, nous permettant de répondre efficacement aux attentes de nos clients.

These partnerships help to bring Comscore advertising and audience data directly to the places where clients need it. They provide clients with faster, simpler and easier access to the actionable metrics that drive their business.
These partnerships allow us to give clients access to powerful Comscore contextual and audience segments. Using these segments, clients can target campaigns to reach the right consumer, at the right time, with the right message.
These partnerships fuel the integration of advanced audiences from third-parties into our products. With access to advanced audience segments, clients can plan, activate and evaluate campaigns based on consumers' behaviors and psychographics.
These partnerships provide depth to the methodologies that fuel demographic measurement in Comscore advertising and audience solutions. Having a diverse set of demographic data providers ensures neutrality and eliminates bias while enabling quicker, more granular reporting.
These partnerships contribute to the digital census measurement part of our methodology. Having a diverse set of digital census data providers gives clients a breadth of insights into consumers’ media consumption habits.
These partnerships contribute to the census measurement part of our methodology with a specific focus on TV and video consumption measurement, giving clients a true cross-platform analysis.
These partnerships provide the data needed to quantify the impact of online advertising on real-world store visitation and offline sales. Sales and location data from these partners is used in advertising solutions to deliver in-store visitation and ROI impacts to clients.
These partnerships provide deep insights through measuring data across a variety of social platforms, enabling clients to gain a greater understanding of how consumers interact with social media content.
These partnerships help match our first-party data with other third-party data, which gives us the opportunity to create more custom person-level solutions.