- 5 juin 2024

Reaching Audiences in the Era of Fragmented Privacy Regulations

Maddie Loder
Maddie Loder
Content Marketing Associate
Proximic by Comscore

Please note this blog post is not legal advice. Organizations should consult with their own legal counsel about their obligations.

It comes as no surprise that data privacy continues to be a hot topic in 2024. Several new state privacy laws aimed at protecting consumer data are going into effect in the coming months and marketers are scrambling to keep up with their new fragmented legal reality.

Here’s a quick look at four significant privacy laws set to take effect in the United States this year:

New U.S. Privacy Laws Coming into Effect in 2024

The Current Privacy Landscape

The digital privacy landscape is rapidly evolving and the growing patchwork of privacy requirements makes it challenging for marketers with multistate or multinational operations. Many states have enacted comprehensive data privacy laws that regulate consumer personal data, which are modeled after the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that was passed in 2018. Other states such as Nevada and Washington, have opted for a more targeted approach to data privacy. Both states have adopted legislation specifically restricting the collection and use of health data through the Nevada Consumer Health Data Privacy Law (CHDPL) and Washington My Health My Data Act (MHMDA).

The four new laws coming into effect this year will add to this growing list of state-level privacy regulations. Florida and Texas, which both have data privacy laws going into effect on July 1st 2024, could have a continued impact on advertising as the two states account for nearly 16% of the U.S. population. The landscape will become more complex soon with additional state laws slated to become effective in 2025 and 2026.

While health data is under particular scrutiny, many states are enacting comprehensive data privacy laws that cover personal data, meaning marketers of all verticals may be required to adapt their strategies for targeted advertising.

Powering Audience Reach with Privacy Enhancing Technology

As the regulatory environment tightens, solutions like Proximic by Comscore's ID and cookie-free Predictive Audiences offer a way forward.

Designed with privacy in mind, Proximic by Comscore’s ID-free Predictive Audiences enable marketers to continue reaching the right audiences at scale by relying on both consented first-party data and contextual technology. 

The consented, opt-in nature of Comscore’s digital panel combined with contextual ad targeting make Proximic’s Predictive Audience solution unique in market and more resilient in the face of changing privacy laws.

As marketers stare down a more robust and fragmented data privacy landscape than ever before, they must stay vigilant in order to remain effective. By proactively seeking partners like Comscore that offer privacy enhancing solutions, marketers can better navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape and find solutions to continue delivering effective ad experiences while respecting consumer privacy.

To learn more about Proximic by Comscore’s available audiences, including our ID-free health audiences, download our Privacy-Centric Audience Targeting Guide today.