July 31, 2023

Our Commitment to Responsible Media

David Kovach
David Kovach
Head of Market Innovation
Vanessa Otero
Vanessa Otero
CEO and Founder
Ad Fontes Media

We believe the time is now to rebuild trust and move the industry forward. Comscore’s Halo Initiative is our commitment to support responsible media and work with partners like Ad Fontes Media to close the widening gap for data, insights and innovation tools.

  • Marketers and agencies are signaling their interest in increasing their support for vetted journalism, but to make that interest operational, the buying process needs to be achievable at scale and in a brand safe and suitable manner. Innovations like the partnership between Comscore and Ad Fontes that look to make buying vetted journalism inventory easier and more reliable are valuable steps forward for the industry.
    Neal Thurman
    Brand Safety Institute

As the Halo Initiative continues to evolve, we plan to offer new solutions and encourage others to join us. For more information, contact David Kovach.

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