The incremental reach you’ve been missing

Programmatic Addressability

Privacy-centric solutions to reach your target consumers with scale and precision

Proximic by Comscore’s targeting solutions are powered by Comscore’s currency-grade datasets and leading contextual intelligence to help you reach any audience, based on any definition.

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Make signal loss a gain with Predictive Audiences.

AI-powered contextual targeting drives incremental reach compared to traditional ID-based targeting tactics, while respecting consumer data privacy.

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+96% incremental users reached on average compared to the same ID-based segment

Audience Targeting

Reach exactly who you want without compromising scale or user privacy.

Select from our extensive suite of audiences to reach people based on behavioral inputs such as demographic data and user personas, available for activation with IDs and as ID-free Predictive Audiences for maximum reach.

Demographics Personas TV & CTV Viewership Ad Exposure Website & Search Behaviors Top-tier data partners First-party data modeling

Content Targeting

Content Targeting

Ensure your ads appear alongside relevant and brand safe content.

Access a robust set of pre-bid inventory filters powered by contextual intelligence to help achieve brand-safe, impactful campaign delivery across desktop, mobile, CTV, podcasts and more.

IAB Categories Keywords Brand Safety & Suitability Misinformation and media bias protection.


Stop missing ad opportunities

Expand your bidstream coverage with a targeting strategy that includes ID-based and ID-free ways to reach your audience.

Find more valuable consumers

Don’t be limited by pre-created segments. Customize your targeting to reach even the most unique audiences.

Raise your data quality standards

Deliver better performance and targeting accuracy with segments built on Comscore’s rigorous data cleansing and hygiene methodologies.

Programmatic Targeting