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Programmatic Addressability

Attract more buyers. Drive more revenue.

Maximize the value of your inventory with tools powered by Comscore's trusted data sets and the industry's leading natural language processing engine.

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Solutions for all Media Sellers

Proximic by Comscore solutions provide all types of media sellers the data they need to strengthen their inventory’s value, regardless of inventory type. Take a look at some of the ways we support media sellers.

Video inventory

  • Increase buyer demand beyond traditional TV genres by delivering privacy-compliant inventory that resonates with your clients’ audiences
  • Amplify first-party targeting efforts by ingesting third-party audiences directly
  • Address client brand protection, adjacency and audience needs by allowing expansive AI-driven datasets to inform live-streaming CTV or Video on Demand (VOD) filtering

Web display inventory

  • Bolster reach and deliver against marketing budgets on browsers suffering from signal loss by enabling Predictive Audiences or other ID-less tactics
  • Expand the value of your inventory by packaging content based on audience behaviors outside of your endemic categories
  • Improve yield from open exchange monetization by enriching bid requests with behavioral attributes and contextual insights that span all verticals

Mobile or gaming inventory

  • Drive increased demand from buyers by curating your inventory to align with non-gaming behaviors that resonate with an advertiser’s target audience
  • Amplify first-party targeting efforts by ingesting third-party audiences directly
  • Tackle challenging addressability across iOS inventory with insights from ID-less Predictive Audience and contextually driven datasets

Podcast or audio inventory

  • Improve yield across non-host read Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) inventory with thorough audience and context details matched to your content
  • Increase inventory attractiveness by surfacing behavioral patterns of your listeners unrelated to the endemic nature of your podcasting content
  • Surface brand protection and suitability filters across your inventory for risk-averse advertisers

Audience Targeting

Strengthen your first-party audience data. Maximize your inventory's value.

Expand addressable reach with access to fully customizable, privacy-centric, behavioral segments built from Comscore’s leading datasets and top-tier data partners for full coverage across all verticals.

Demographics Personas TV & CTV Viewership Ad Exposure Website & Search Behaviors

Content Targeting

Content Targeting

Answer media buyers' calls for brand safety and adjacency with ease.

Enhance inventory curation and surface audience affinities for specific content with a robust set of inventory filters powered by sophisticated AI-based contextual intelligence.

IAB Categories Keywords Brand Safety & Suitability


Say goodbye to scale limitations

Expand your bidstream coverage with a targeting strategy that includes ID-based and ID-less ways to reach your audience.

Find more valuable consumers

Compounding signal loss means ID-based tactics only get you partial bidstream coverage. Our industry-leading contextual engine and complete device coverage help you bridge that gap to reach additional high-value consumers.