- August 2, 2023

Introducing Show-Level Streaming Audiences, the Newest Addition to Proximic’s Predictive Audiences Suite

Natalie Laurin
Natalie Laurin
Director, Marketing
Proximic by Comscore

If you took away one thing from this year’s UpFronts it was likely about the growing popularity of connected TV.

Content is being developed for streaming across connected TV devices at an exponential rate and advertisers are having to quickly learn how to adapt their targeting strategies in order to reach these audiences.

But just how popular is streaming? Take a look at the stats below.

Show Streaming Segment

Data source: Comscore CTVi, April 2023

With our new, show-level streaming audiences, advertisers can reach viewers of today’s most streamed shows such as Yellowstone, Ted Lasso, Wednesday, Jack Ryan and hundreds more.

Backed by our Predictive Audience technology, these show-level streaming audiences provide maximum cross-platform reach and campaign efficiency, without signal loss limitations.

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