- September 16, 2020

Leverage Comscore’s Next Gen Brand Safety and Suitability Protections Across CTV, Digital, and Podcast Advertising

Debby Cheng
Debby Cheng
Product Manager
Tershone Phillips
Tershone Phillips
Product Marketing Manager

The year 2020 has been anything but uneventful.  A global pandemic and a monumental US presidential election have turned the world on its head and now, on top of everything else, brands need to prepare for what will likely be one of the weirdest holiday seasons of all time.

As the advertising industry prepares for the holiday season while simultaneously intensifying its efforts to combat hateful content, Comscore is excited to introduce enhanced brand suitability protections that offer brands greater precision to determine what content is safe and contextually relevant. Comscore’s next generation brand suitability filters help marketers and media companies achieve optimal campaign protection across display, video, mobile, CTV, and podcasts without sacrificing reach and ROI.  This new offer will include high/medium/low risk variations for 15 new segments, including: hate speech, epidemic, human rights violations, adult content, crime and violence, terrorism, alcohol, tobacco, online piracy, and more.

To determine what content would be designated as high, medium, and low risk, we surveyed buy-side marketers to gauge their thresholds for risk across the vast array of topics.  This was critical to ensuring that the resulting risk thresholds aligned with how marketers are thinking about the industry challenges for their advertising campaigns.  Based on the survey results, we noticed that marketers reacted to stories about death or injury more conservatively and would assign this type of content as high risk. On the other hand, marketers were more tolerant of undesirable content such as explicit language appearing on entertainment, music, or movie reviews and would assign this type of content as medium risk. Unwanted content appearing on the side bar or recommended articles where the main content is safe, were deemed to be low risk.

Content Risk


These new brand suitability tiers provide advertisers the ability to fine-tune their brand safety applications based on risk tolerance and allow them to maximize audience reach. We offer more than 40 brand suitability categories in over 40 languages. Clients can combine High/Medium/Low risk segments with a set of custom keywords and phrases to deliver campaigns that align with their brand reputation. This solution enables advertisers to pursue their desired advertising strategy without worrying about unwanted negative associations.

The brand suitability categories are now available in many leading demand side platforms. They are just the latest in a series of dynamic enhancements to Comscore’s Activation suite, which helps advertisers reach specific demographics, and behavioral, TV and OTT audiences in brand-safe, relevant contexts across desktop, mobile, and Connected TV. 

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