- September 19, 2023

Navigating the Future of Ad Monetization with Proximic by Comscore

Proximic by Comscore’s Head of Partnerships, Jessica Trainor, recently sat down with Gina Perino, VP of Ad Operations and Strategy at Blavity Inc., a dynamic publisher platform, to understand how they are future-proofing their ad monetization strategy with Proximic by Comscore’s solutions.

Read on to learn how their proactive approach to monetization is reducing dependencies on third-party identifiers and driving increased value for them and their media buyer clients.

Jessica: Tell us about Blavity, Inc. and its business mission

Blavity Inc.'s mission describes how we empower and amplify Black voices and stories. Founded on the belief that diverse perspectives enrich our world, Blavity Inc. serves as a dynamic platform encompassing a network of brands, including Blavity, 21Ninety, Travel Noire, AfroTech, Home and Texture, and more. We provide a space where authentic, inclusive, and impactful content thrives.

Jessica: How has Blavity’s approach to inventory monetization evolved in recent years, and how has Proximic by Comscore played a role in your strategy?

We understand that the digital advertising landscape is in constant flux. The impending deprecation of third-party cookies, evolving privacy regulations, and increasing signal loss pose challenges for publishers. To adapt, we have strategically evolved our approach to inventory monetization.

By using Proximic's ID-free demographic and behavioral targeting solutions, we supplemented third-party audience segments in Google Ad Manager for direct campaigns. This proactive approach helps us reduce dependence on third-party segments that may become obsolete when third-party cookies in Chrome are eliminated in 2024.

Additionally, we leverage Proximic's brand safety category blocking capabilities, using the tool to target away from specific content categories for our advertisers that prioritize brand safety as a KPI. This ensures that direct campaigns run exclusively on brand-safe content, maintaining the integrity of our brand partnerships.

Proximic's keyword-blocking feature helps us further guarantee campaign delivery on brand-safe content. By using this tool, we can block keywords for campaigns that share their keyword block list with us.

We also ensure optimal targeting accuracy while reaching maximum audiences, regardless of the presence of IDs. We achieve precision in our targeting strategies through Proximic's suite of 1:1 ID-based and Predictive Audiences and robust content targeting tools. This is especially crucial in the face of increasing signal loss and privacy constraints.

Jessica: As Blavity, Inc. looks ahead, what are the 3 most important tactics you’re putting in place now to prepare for future success?

As we look ahead to a future landscape where signal loss challenges intensify, privacy regulations expand, and ad tech becomes more fragmented, we recommend these three key tactics:

  1. Audience Diversification: We recognize the importance of diversifying audience sources. By relying on our own first-party data and Proximic's Predictive Audiences, we’re building a strong foundation for future-proof targeting.
  2. Contextual Intelligence: Contextual targeting is becoming increasingly essential in a privacy-centric world. We enhance the use of contextual intelligence to ensure brand-safe ad placements and content alignment.
  3. Collaboration and Adaptation: We foster close collaborations with partners like Proximic by Comscore because adaptability is key to navigating the evolving landscape successfully.

Our journey in digital media reflects a commitment to authentic storytelling, inclusivity, and innovative ad monetization strategies. Diverse supplier partnerships ultimately empower and amplify underrepresented voices in the digital realm. Along with our valued partners, we are not just preparing for the future, we are shaping it.

To learn more about how Proximic by Comscore supports publishers, contact us today.

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