- March 16, 2023

Say hello to Proximic by Comscore

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Natalie Laurin
Natalie Laurin
Director, Marketing
Proximic by Comscore

Before we say hello to Proximic by Comscore let’s say hello to Rachel Gantz, Proximic by Comscore’s Managing Director.

Rachel has worked at Comscore for 7 years, spending the last 4 focused solely on the part of the business that has evolved to become Proximic by Comscore.

Having worked in the ad tech industry for over a decade, she has seen its evolution first-hand and been at the forefront of shaping new solutions to help marketers navigate the changes. She joined us to share the inside scoop on this exciting launch.

So, who is Proximic by Comscore?

Answer: “Proximic by Comscore is a newly branded arm of Comscore’s business that enables marketers to activate programmatic targeting strategies designed to drive performance and reach in an evolving ad tech ecosystem. Comscore has offered and grown these targeting capabilities over the last few years and thanks to steadily increasing market demand they are putting the resources in place to scale this portion of their business in a big way.

The name comes from a company that Comscore acquired in 2015 called Proximic. Their foundation was the development of an AI contextual engine, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to provide real-time contextual assessments of the relevance and suitability of media surrounding programmatic ad placements.

After being acquired by Comscore in 2015, the programmatic targeting capabilities expanded to encompass industry-leading audience and contextual targeting solutions, with a focus on scale, data quality, and performance. These capabilities remain at the core of the Proximic by Comscore business today.”

What’s new and exciting at Proximic by Comscore?

Answer: "With increased investment in programmatic targeting comes the ability to build and scale Proximic’s capabilities faster than ever before. For example, we know marketers want 24/7 access to customize and create segments specific to their campaign KPIs, and as such, we recently launched a brand-new self-service UI, delivering custom targeting segments with 1 day turnaround.

We’re also continuing to invest in our first-to-market Predictive Audience segments which offer audience targeting without reliance on IDs to complement ID-based targeting tactics and reach your full target audience at scale, regardless of signal loss. In today’s programmatic world, reach is everything, so being able to reach audiences seamlessly with and without ID’s is critical to performance.

In addition to offering our own proprietary targeting segments using the Predictive Audience technology, we’re continually adding and expanding the scope of audience partners who are leveraging this technology to make their segments available at scale without IDs. Over the past year Comscore has completed new contextual integrations with platform partners such as Yahoo!, Freewheel’s Beeswax and Xandr. Making our data available everywhere has been a priority and we are thrilled to be able to add such great names to our platform roster."

How does this complement Comscore’s existing insights, planning and measurement offerings?

Answer: “Comscore is widely known as a trusted partner for audience insights, planning and measurement across platforms. The addition of Proximic’s solutions does not change this, but rather brings to the table the ability for marketers to activate those audiences in a programmatic manner. The same data quality you’ve come to know and trust, but now available in programmatic environments for real-time activation."

Who can benefit from Proximic by Comscore's solutions?

Answer: “As the saying goes, what got us here won’t get us there. Given the current industry challenges with signal loss, privacy regulations, and needing more cost-effective tactics to drive KPIs, we’re helping media buyers, sellers and programmatic platforms to rethink how they approach targeting.

  • Media buyers can obtain maximum reach by activating our ID-based segments for 1:1 targeting alongside our ID-less Predictive Audiences for a fully future-proofed targeting strategy. In addition, they can take advantage of our extensive content targeting solutions to ensure their ads only appear alongside brand safe and relevant content.
  • Media sellers can leverage our Predictive Audiences and content targeting to enhance inventory monetization. By complementing ID-based inventory packages with ID-less categorization, publishers can increase ad sales seamlessly in the publisher’s ad servers and ad platforms of choice.
  • Programmatic platforms who integrate with us can offer a future-proof audience targeting solution that is scalable and does not rely on user identifiers. Platforms offering Predictive Audiences give clients access to valuable Proximic by Comscore audiences as well as 9 other data providers’ audiences through a single integration point.

These are just a few examples of core use cases, but they expand far beyond this. If you want to learn more about how Proximic by Comscore can help you or your business make the most out of your audience targeting efforts please reach out. We’d love to chat!”

Want to learn more about Proximic by Comscore? Get in touch with us! We’d love to connect.

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