- October 3, 2023

Un-Identifying the Future of Advertising

Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Global Commercial Leader
Proximic by Comscore

In New York City last week, Marketing leaders converged at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O to discuss the most pressing topics facing the programmatic advertising industry today.

Everywhere you turned, conversations stemmed back to the obstacles the industry needs to overcome with the growing cookie-less landscape and the need for innovative solutions to elevate programmatic targeting.

Marketers, publishers, and technology companies all seem to be rallying around the goal of maintaining campaign success in a world without access to persistent identifiers. The themes that seem to underpin how this can be achieved are focused on two key tactics:

  1. Maximizing the value of first-party data: As privacy concerns continue to grow, the focus was on methods to better ethically collect and harness the power of first-party data.
  2. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to improve ad effectiveness: With the ever-widening addressability gap, AI emerged as a powerful ally, promising to bridge the gap and drive superior ad performance.

These topics were approached from all angles, with conversations and presentations offering a wealth of knowledge and insights into the latest technology and innovative perspectives.

Here’s what messages stood out to us:

To thrive in this ecosystem, it is crucial to diversify and adapt your tactics for data collection, targeting, and measurement. Placing all your bets on traditional identifiers such as cookies is a surefire way to fall short of your objectives and lead to disjointed or irrelevant ad experiences for consumers.

The collection and maximization of first-party data was often mentioned as something a marketer or publisher can do to aid their success in a privacy-centric, personalized advertising future. Many presentations touched on how first-party data should not only be utilized as is. Instead, it should be fortified with data from high-quality third-party sources that don’t rely on persistent identifiers to unlock new avenues for categorizing and labeling audiences, empowering targeting, and measuring that is precise and scalable.

While challenges and potential risks were frequently noted, the overall sentiment was one of optimism for a future that continues to drive efficiencies for marketers with personalized, beneficial ad experiences for end consumers, so long as innovations continue and are widely adopted.

Proximic by Comscore’s innovations

With continuous focus on developing solutions that deliver scale and precision in a privacy-centric manner, Proximic recently unveiled three groundbreaking solutions last week: ID-less Demographic Segments, Show-Level Linear and Streaming Audiences, and the Proximic Activation Platform for custom audience creation. These solutions leverage Comscore's double opt-in digital panels as truth sets and Proximic by Comscore's leading AI-driven contextual engine, meticulously designed to maximize data potential, unlocking fresh audiences and operational efficiencies for over 5,000 advertisers globally.

The impact has been transformative, with Proximic by Comscore clients experiencing substantial ROI increases. For instance, one advertiser achieved an impressive 96% boost in incrementality using ID-less Predictive Audience segments compared to their ID-based counterparts, emphasizing the strength of audiences independent of cookies.

In particular, our ID-less Proximic Demographic segments are a perfect example of how the industry can innovate its way to a future where marketers can still reach who they want to be using tried and true targeting methodologies like demographic targeting but do so in a way that fully respects the consumer’s data privacy. These ID-less demographic segments also offer a lifeline to publishers, especially those grappling with limited authenticated traffic or internal demographic insights, by enhancing their ability to package and monetize inventory based on precise demographic criteria.

To learn more about Proximic Demographics or any of our targeting solutions contact us today.